November 15, 2009

  • Scattered Updates, with a Forecast of More of the Same

    I don’t write here much, anymore.

    Strike that… I stop by, once in a great while, to remind myself that I still have this site. I believe I have actually said this a number of times already… so it’s a bit redundant, and there’s an echo in here.

    Just like I don’t write long and involved emails to people anymore, like I used to– if that includes YOU, I’m sorry. I don’t have the bandwidth or the energy…. it doesn’t mean I don’t like you, it means I don’t have the bandwidth or the energy.

    It’s nothing personal (the lacking blog, or the lacking emails)– I have to make a living, and it’s a recession, and since nobody has stepped up and offered to sponsor my life, I have to do so, myself. Plus, there have been– and are– other important things that use(d) my time.

    Once upon a time, I thought nothing of writing a general blog rant a day, posting on a dozen message boards and sending several long emails. I spent hours, every day, on this. Now? When I am writing long emails, they are mostly reserved for Sarah (in case this is news to you and the little picture at top left didn’t clue you in, she and I have been A Couple In Love for a while… well, forever, really… but that’s a very long story… suffice it to say that Love is a beautiful thing… that expression on our faces? That’s called JOY… she’s “All That” and more to me, and the cool thing is that she digs me, too… The end… and to those of you who kinda figured this out YEARS ago, congratulations… ), or it takes place in one of the venues, below.

    [Ponders, for a moment...]

    There’s a very, very long story that goes with this blog and its reason for being, in the first place, but I really don’t have the time to tell it, right now. “Buy the book,” when it comes out.

    My “Thought du Jour” is that “general” blogs where we rant and rave and just generally empty our brains through tapping away at a keyboard… well, they serve their purpose, when that’s what we need for them to do because we’re in a particular place, in our lives.

    Most blogs, these days, are specialized. They are about spirituality, collecting wooden horses, politics in Lithuania or making jams and jellies… less about vomiting up personal trials and tribulations for public Internet consumption. Don’t get me wrong, I said this kind of format has its place… I’m just not in that place, anymore, see?

    My point being that I am still blogging and writing out there– just not in a “general” format.

    I don’t have much time for words, these days. Most of the words I share in publick are dedicated to my HSP Notes (HSP = Highly Sensitive Person, for the uninitiated) blog, which you can find here:

    HSP Notes Blog

    For what it’s worth, I’ve been writing it a good bit longer than I’ve been writing here. It’s worth a read, especially if you happen to be an HSP. Or so people tell me.

    Other than that, I’m not really very involved in the HSP community, anymore. Again, I don’t have the time, or the bandwidth. My contributions were always a labor of love… and these days I only labor for compensation, and my Love belongs to someone. Someday, I may return to a more active role.

    Well. Wait. I do write over here:

    Tribe Magazine for HSPs

    Again, worth checking out. If you’re an HSP, go there and subscribe!

    If you really want to know on which side I part my nostril hair in the morning, you can look me up on crackbook…. ummm… that is, facebook. If you send me a friend request, please let me know that you’re from “over here” or I may just ignore you. Again, nothing personal.

    Sometimes I write at Trujournal on matters more spiritual and relating to personal contemplation. Carrie-Anne, Scott and Steven have created a beautiful community, which also includes the Token Rock web site. Seriously, consider joining. You’ll have to create an account to find me (or other friends– several oldxangans are there), anyway.

    And since you’re from here, I’d invite you to join Sarah’s “Your Soul’s Plan” interactive journaling group, too. Again, you’ll have to create an account, before that link does anything.

    So… what do I DO, these days?

    Well, generally, I have created a life in which my “living” comes from “playing with my hobbies,” that is, writing, collecting stamps and beach combing.

    And yes, that IS “possible,” thanks to eBay and other internet venues. It’s not about “thinking outside the box.” Or in it, for that matter. It’s about throwing away the box, and creating a new “language” to define the meaning of living, working, happiness and Love.

    My mom died, early this fall. She was 87, and during the past 12-18 month suffered declining health and loss of cognitive functions to advanced dementia. This has been another reason why I’ve not been around, very much. As her only living relative, it largely fell to me to manage her care and well-being, from 8000 miles away. Needless to say, not such an easy task… especially the bit involving getting her moved into an assisted living facility. These days, I spend my energies trying to console my 91-year old stepdad, who still lives in their apartment… again, from 8000 miles away.

    So why am I here, today? For some reason, I decided to step back and have a “housecleaning day,” to clean up and update various bits and pieces of my life. Because sometimes… that’s just the easiest way to get the news “out there.”

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  • I love seeing the direction your life has taken.  It’s a long stone’s throw from life in TX, eh?

  • You-and-Sarah make me happy.

  • Namaste and joy, my friend…Lowie

  • nice to see you so joyful. thanks for the update!

  • Though we’ve never been close, nor have we been frequent mutual visitors, I’ve always wanted to share thoughts with you more than we have.  Thank you for the update, and when we get to the other side of this recession, may we be found to be happy and thriving.

  • Thanks for the update. I wish you love and happiness.

  • Good to hear from you. You both look very happy! I only just started blogging again here because, well life got busy and online always takes a backseat to real life. I’ll have to check out TruJournal, it looks interesting.

  • i’m really glad to read this update. congrats on your happy life, and thanks for finding me on facebook where I am trying to eke out a living as well. now this is the second time this week Token Rock has crossed my radar. i love synchronicity, so i will take a second look. congratulations on making your dream to the pacific northwest and sarah come true!

  • I’ll drink to ‘all that.’


  • so wonderful to see you!

  • so refreshing to hear from you, and congratulations on the beauty and dynamic change going on in your life!  amen! hallelujah! cheers…very positive and uplifting stuff :)

  • One of the reasons I Love You, number 148.b – 27 S.S. (subsection) 9 is because you have the ability to organize your thoughts succinctly not only on “paper” but in a real conversation. This felt like talking to you.
    I miss you.
    And I’m doing the “rounds” too, so to speak.

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