October 31, 2013

  • Halloween and Web Ghosts

    I feel haunted by bots and idiots who lure me back here with their incessant postings of spam comments on posts that have not been “active” in about 173 years. I just don’t get the mindset of those who think “it’s the way to go” when it comes to developing business, visibility, or whatever it is they want to “develop.”

    Red LeafWho knows, maybe all they want to do is plant a virus on my computer.

    Anyway, now and then I choose to respond to the stream of notifications that I have “new comments” to moderate, and then I decide I’ll hang about for a few minutes to see what this new platform is about.

    Here’s a small “secret:” I really don’t like WordPress.

    I know all “serious” are all about the marvels of WordPress and its assortment of themes and what-have-you… but even though I have had blogs on this platform for almost a decade, I find this THE hardest and THE least intuitive and user-friendly.

    Where’s my WYSIWIG? How the HELL can you have an anno 2013 application without at at least an option for a WYSIWIG editor? And why the ferk isn’t this thing widget-driven, in the first place? And why the ferk can’t I just drag and drop an image into this text? How do I get the text to wrap… it’s not HTML, and I don’t have access to the CSS. Use inline CSS commands? REALLY bad form…

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