April 11, 2013

  • This and that, and so on, and so forth

    Wow. Years. It has actually been years since I last posted here.

    Blogs are a funny thing– they evolve over time. Or, at least, our blogging habits evolve… in my case, keeping a “general” blog (this one) gave way to having “niche” blogs. Maybe that’s just a reflection of general trends on the web, with web site. You really can’t expect anyone to be interested in something like a web site “about music” anymore. You have to specialize. You have to specialize… a lot. Music? Nah. A niche blog on how Bob Marley braided his nose hair? Now we’re talking…

    It’s also how you get “readers,” rather than “followers” for your work, as a writer.

    As a sort of update, I’m more into writing “articles” these days, than keeping up with blogs. I do still have my “HSP Notes” blog, and it’s one of my ongoing ventures that won’t be going away, anytime soon. 

    Other than that, I write for OM Times Magazine on a regular basis. That’s another “ongoing” project.

    Most of my other writing is about Highly Sensitive People. Mostly, I write stuff like this: “The Highly Sensitive Person or HSP: What Exactly IS That?” If you’re an HSP, you should probably read it. You might learn something new… even if you’re not an HSP, you still might learn something.

    Sarah and I still live in Port Townsend. We like it here… and we’ll probably stay here till… well, till they have to carry us out in a pine box. 

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  • Nice to see you on here again
    It sounds like life is treating you well.

  • OMG, I am so excited to hear from the two of you again! WOW….Say HI to Sarah for me. ‘Bout time! I finally have a house big enough to share when others come out in this neck of the woods. Have a blast!

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