September 4, 2013

  • So… yeah…

    So, theoretically this is now a new platform for Xanga, and all my stuff has made it “over here.” All ten years’ worth of posts.

    Except (if I understand all this correctly) this is now “a WordPress site named Xanga.” Which seems really weird, as I already have a couple of WordPress blogs.

    I am not even sure if we are going to “subscribe” here, and whether it is going to cost money. There are so many free blogging platforms on the WWW that it would seem a little odd to have to pay for one. But we paid to have “premium” over at the “old” place, so I guess that’s OK, on some level. I just wonder how many are actually going to come onboard with that.

    I suppose it makes sense to pay for the service if you’re “invested” in a huge body of work. And you have links all over creation, and those links still “work” now, even though we’re on a new venue.

    Well. Not sure if this “new beginning” is going to inspire me to start blogging here, again. I sort of gave up on having a “general” blog, in favor of pursuing a number of “niche” blogs.

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