November 27, 2010

  • So anyway…

    Strange how life unfolds.

    Strange how, as I look at these pages, it seems that I have come back here about once a year… to write a few words.

    Is the idea of blogging still alive? I wonder, sometimes. These days we have CrackFaceBook, Twitter and a million other venues that allow people to connect on the wings of ever shorter bits of information.

    I don’t write so much, anymore.

    Strange, that. As a kid, I had a feeling I’d grow up to “write stories.” I wanted to… At the time, I wasn’t really sure what motivated me to write– 40+ years later, I understand that I had a purpose, a very specific purpose. A goal, if you will.

    What happens after you’ve climbed Everest? What happens after the marathon is over? What happens after the party ends and everyone has gone home?

    As one of my Teachers once pointed out, when you close a door behind you, it also means that you have stepped into a new room.

    I’ve opened a door and gone through. There is a new room. I wonder what’s inside it….


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  • Be sure to tell us the stories, Peter, of what you find in that new room!

  • Open your eyes and look around, smell the air, feel the NOW of it.
    I was happy to see Denmark Guy when I opened my subscriptions just now. I am on FACEBOOK, but it doesn’t seem to do more than scratch the surface–keep up (minimally)with grandchildren a bit that way. Welcome back!

  • Your new room is full of treasures

  • Long time since I’ve seen your name here! Welcome! Crckbook will run its course. Words will always matter.

      After a party is over.  Someone must do the dishes.  Glad to see you hope you find pleasant things in your next room.

  • This is the second time in less than 5 minutes I’ve read about somebody writing here after a long absence. Nice to see you again
    I am always interested in whatever you have to tell us

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